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Written by: Heather Cister


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The 2024 US Darts Masters returns to the Big Apple later this year for the third year in a row! We're absolutely excited for this third World Series of Darts event featuring Europe and America's top players battling for the champion title. Our team will be traveling to the event once again this year, and we know many of you will be as well.

To help you plan for your trip to the US Darts Masters, we've prepared our A-Z Travel Guide with information on buying event tickets, reserving your hotel and booking flights for the event — plus some travel tips and history facts at the end.

What is the US Darts Masters?

Since 2017, the US Darts Masters event has been a part of the annual World Series of Darts tournaments held by the PDC. The ultimate goal of the World Series of Darts events is to make darts more popular across the world with each tournament being held in different countries worldwide. Las Vegas was home to the first US Darts Masters events in 2017 up until 2022 when the event moved to New York. 

If you're looking to attend the 2024 US Darts Masters, here are all of the event details below to know where and when the event will be held:


The Theater at Madison Square Garden

4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY 10001

WHEN Friday, May 31st — Saturday, June 1st 2024
EVENTS 1.  Friday at 7:00 PM EST
2.  Saturday at 1:00 PM EST
3.  Saturday at 7:00 PM EST

2024 US Darts Masters Player Lineup

The PDC has recently just announced the player lineup for the 2024 US Darts Masters. Familiar faces like the World Champion Luke Humphries and defending US Darts Masters champion Michael van Gerwen will be taking on our very own North American players from the CDC, including Stowe Buntz, new Winmau player Jules van Dongen, Matt Campbell and Danny Lauby. 2024 Cross Border Champion Alex Spellman and 2024 Indianapolis 501 Champion David Cameron have also recently joined the US Darts Masters lineup along with the rest of their North American peers!

Check out the full 2024 US Darts Masters player lineup below:

PDC European Players

  1. Luke Humphries
  2. Michael van Gerwen
  3. Michael Smith
  4. Nathan Aspinall
  5. Rob Cross
  6. Gerwyn Price
  7. Peter Wright
  8. Luke Littler

CDC North American Players

  1. Matt Campbell
  2. Jules van Dongen
  3. Danny Lauby
  4. Stowe Buntz
  5. Alex Spellman
  6. David Cameron
  7. Jeff Smith
  8. Adam Sevada
US Darts Masters player lineup

US Darts Masters: A-Z Travel Guide

Preparing to travel for the US Darts Masters can be an overwhelming task with buying tickets and booking hotels and flights. We've made it easier for you with our 3-step A-Z Travel Guide plus additional travel tips to make the most out of your trip.

Step 1: Buying Your Event Tickets

First things first, you'll want to buy your event tickets and secure your seat at the US Darts Masters. You can buy tickets on sale now for all three events on Ticketmaster. Don't forget to use the CDC Discount Code CDC33 to save 33% on all bowl seats — just click the unlock button and paste the code in. For additional information on buying tickets, check out the PDC website.

Floor seats (also called table seats) are an incredible experience if you can afford them — they usually run around $300 plus fees. Not only can you choose a spot to be seen in the background of the US Darts Masters broadcast, but you'll also have a chance to snag the player flights and other trinkets they throw into the crowd! 

The seats are quite roomy with tables to set down your personal belongings and any signs you brought along. As for the view, you can almost see what the players are actually hitting without having to look at the big screens.

Jen Mounts in floor seating

However, we can argue that the actual best seats in the theater are in Row 1 on the stage's right side (the audience's left side). This is where the players do their infamous walk-on (and walk-off) entrances! You might just get a high-five or fist bump from your favorite player and maybe even an autograph! 

These seats are all sold out for this year's US Darts Masters, but if you're interested in upgrading your experience with Row 1 seats, make sure to plan ahead for next year's event.

The Theater at Madison Square Garden seating chart

Regardless of which seats you choose for the US Darts Masters, if you're curious about what your view looks from your seat, you can look it up on A View From My Seat. Users upload pictures of their view from their seats, making it an awesome tool for ticket buyers to use when picking the best seats for their needs. 

Pro tip: Make friends with the cable runner and camera guy if you want to get on PDC TV during the US Darts Masters. They usually set up ahead of time and queue the switch to a crowd shot.

Jen Mounts with camera crew
Jen Mounts and Will Stuart in front of Madison Square Garden
Jen Mounts with US Darts Masters crowd
Jen Mounts with AZ Darts banner
Jen Mounts and man with banners
Jules van Dongen walk on photo with Jen Mounts in background
Jen Mounts on stage with Michael van Gerwen
Jen Mounts with darts players

Step 2: Booking Your Hotel

Hotel rooms fill up fast, so you'll definitely want to book your hotel as soon as possible for the US Darts Masters. Luckily, the CDC is promoting The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel with a special rate of $229 for a queen bed or $259 for 2 double beds. This hotel is right down the street from the event venue, so the location is perfect. Use the Group Code: 05272024PD to waive the resort fee. Just click the button below to automatically apply the group code:

There are rooms available with this offer from Monday, May 27th up until Sunday, June 2nd, so whether you're planning to arrive early or just in time for the US Darts Masters, you'll be able to take advantage of this special rate! If you plan on flying into New York even earlier, we recommend cross-referencing 3rd party websites for hotel prices that include the resort fee.

Of course, there are other hotels in the area as well for you to choose from, but lack the special deal offered by the CDC. Our team stayed at The Renaissance Midtown Hotel for the 2022 US Darts Masters. It was quite nice, but it's currently double the price of The New Yorker.

What to Expect After Booking your hotel

Now that you've booked your hotel room for the US Darts Masters, here are a few things you can expect during your stay at The New Yorker:

  1. Check-in time: 4:00 PM EST
  2. Check-out time: 11:00 AM EST
  3. You'll be asked to pay the following charges at the property:
    1. Deposit of $100 per accommodation per day.
    2. Resort fee of $33.27 per accommodation per night. If you're booking with the Group Code, you won't have to worry about this!
  4. The resort fee includes access to the following:
    1. Business center (with computers)
    2. Fitness center
    3. Internet
    4. Phone calls
The New Yorker Hotel sign

Step 3: Booking Your Flight

After buying your event tickets and booking a hotel, you can finally book your flight to fly into New York for the US Darts Masters. There are a few different airports in New York, but the closest one to the venue is LGA (LaGuardia Airport). 

Depending on where you live, Southwest Airlines might be your cheapest airline option. Our crew is flying out of Sacramento and Wichita, so your pricing may look different from ours. Flying Southwest Airlines from Sacramento cost our A-Z rep $784.95 while our USA Darts rep flying Southwest out of Wichita cost around $406. New York is not the cheapest travel location, but it's certainly a worldwide bucket list destination spot.

Since the US Darts Masters is from May 31st to June 1st, we recommend flying in on Thursday if you're on the West Coast or Midwest as it will take all day to cross the country. You don't want to miss Friday's evening session at 7:00 PM. We also suggest flying out late morning or afternoon on Sunday since the finale on Saturday night won't end until around midnight — you'll definitely be up late celebrating and partying hard!

LaGuardia Airport in New York

After you land in New York for the US Darts Masters and gather your luggage, we recommend taking an Uber or Lyft instead of a taxi for cheaper ride rates to your hotel. With Uber or Lyft, it's about a 45-minute to an hour-long ride (depending on traffic) to The New Yorker, so plan accordingly.

Going through TSA with darts

Bringing your darts along to the US Darts Masters can really elevate your experience, but if you're traveling with steel tip darts — don't risk it! TSA doesn't allow steel tip darts in your carry on, so check in your back to avoid having your darts taken while going through security.

If you don't want to check in your bag, we recommend bringing soft tip darts and conversion points instead. Fully disassemble your darts setup and place everything in your toiletries bag. Check out conversion points available on our website below:

More Travel Tips


Although the main attraction of your trip will be the US Darts Masters, we suggest exploring New York to make the most of your trip! Read along for some of the best New York travel tips we have to offer:

how to dress

The US Darts Masters is held in late Spring, so the weather in New York will be a bit hot and humid. Depending on the day, it'll be roughly around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with lows of 55 to 65 degrees at night. Humidity will be around 50 to 75%. With the warm weather in New York, you'll want to bring versatile clothing for warm weather during the day and a cool breeze at night, especially for the US Darts Masters evening sessions. The Theater venue has great air conditioning, so don't worry about overheating during the darts action unless you typically run very hot. 

A lot of destinations in New York will be walkable from the hotel and US Darts Masters venue, so bring comfortable walking shoes! Explore the area and sightsee as much as you can on your trip. Every darter loves a classic short-sleeved jersey and shorts or jeans.

things to do

You'll be in the heart of Manhattan for the US Darts Masters event, and there are TONS of things to do in the area. An affordable and quick way to travel within the city is the New York Subway system. It's chaotic and confusing at times, especially if you're not used to taking the subway, but it's a memorable experience nonetheless. You might get lost or see a rat or two... but it's all part of the fun!

Google Maps and Apple Maps will be your best friends when navigating to your destination. Here are some of our personal favorite activities from our previous travels to New York.

9/11 Memorial

Pay your respects to the lives lost in the tragedy of September 11th at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum located at the World Trade Center. You'll need to drive or take transit to the Memorial if you're staying near the US Darts Masters venue, but it's one of the biggest beacons of hope in the US.

The Memorial features large manmade waterfalls that flow into the Memorial pools and you can read the engravings of every person's name that perished in the attacks.

9/11 Memorial

Central Park

Central Park is the first ever landscaped park in the United States, spanning a whopping 843 acres! It's an absolutely HUGE park and every acre of it is a beautiful sight to see. Check it out before or after the US Darts Masters event to make the most of this huge park.

Because it's so large, there's an endless list of things to do in Central Park. You can check out the Central Park Zoo, go on park tours and rent bikes just to name a few. 

aerial view of Central Park in New York

Statue of Liberty

Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty, but if you haven't had the chance before to see it up close now's your chance! While you're on your trip for the US Darts Masters, make sure to snap some photos with the legendary copper monument. 

You can check out the statue up close if you take the ferry to Liberty Island where the statue lives, but you can also see the monument from across the water as well.

Statue of Liberty from the water

Edge Observation deck

Even grander than the Empire State Building is the Edge Observation Deck, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. And it's only a short walk away from the US Darts Masters venue! 

Photographs can hardly do the view any justice. Being able to see all of New York from the top of the building is simply breathtaking. It's not the cheapest experience, but you can't beat the incredible views. 

Check out more of our team's photos below from their visit to the Edge Observation Deck.

Jen Mounts selfie at the Edge Observation Deck
Jen Mounts laying on the floor of the Edge Observation Deck
Jen and Will Stuart in front of Edge Observation Deck view
View of New York from Edge Observation Deck
View of New York bay from Edge Observation Deck
Jen Mounts and Will Stuart in front of water view
Will Stuart facing the Edge Observation Deck view


Like most big cities, the food scene in New York is unforgettable. Make sure to eat whenever you can while you're on your US Darts Masters trip as you'll be drinking quite a lot. Most dart fans drink while watching the US Darts Masters games and each event is roughly 4 hours long.

Below are some highly-rated recommendations from our team and from other New York natives that you may want to check out while traveling.


NY Pizza Suprema is a fan favorite of our crew and only a short walk away from the US Darts Masters; however, there are endless pizza options. Thin crust is the signature of New York pizza, so be on the lookout for that!

Two pizza slices on paper plates


Bagels were introduced to New York by Jewish immigrants back in the 1800s. Almost all New Yorkers have an endless obsession with bagels, and rightfully so. Our crew thoroughly enjoyed Liberty Bagels, the number one ranked bagel shop in Manhattan. Try the Lox if you're a salmon and capers fan.

Liberty Bagels Lox salmon and capers bagel


You just have to. They're iconic, they're cheap and they're readily found on every corner of New York. One of the best street foods New York has to offer and a great snack for the US Darts Masters.

Each hot dog is dressed with the standard New York toppings: sweet onion relish, sauerkraut, and deli-style mustard. 

New York hot dog with toppings


Katz's Delicatessen is an absolute MUST stop for incredible sandwiches, no questions asked. This Jewish deli is the oldest in all of New York and they're famous for their Pastrami sandwiches. Because it's so popular, you'll need a lot of time to travel there and queue in line, so we'd recommend going for lunch in between the US Darts Masters sessions.

Share a sandwich with a friend, they're HUGE!!! We strongly preferred the Pastrami over the Reuben. The best part is that you can sample the meat as you're ordering in line. Truly the best.

Two sandwiches and a side of pickles


Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts get the job done for a quick caffeine fix, but there are also tons of coffee shops to try near the US Darts Masters for a unique New York experience. Locals online have raved about Café Grumpy for their endearing logo and rich espresso. Their prices will run you around the same as the average Starbucks drink, so make sure to check it out.

Cafe Grumpy drinks and muffin


Only a few blocks away from the US Darts Masters venue is New York's historic Koreatown, home to a bustling community of Korean culture. If you're interested in trying some Korean food, Woorijip (oo-ree-jip) is a great grab-and-go spot with super cheap meal options ranging from $5 to $15. They offer an impressive 8% discount if you pay in cash, and sometimes they also have 50% off some meal options after dinner time.

A classic starter kit would be the kimchi fried rice and japchae (jap-chay) with iconic Korean flavors that anyone would love. And of course, you can't forget the side dishes!

Korean food dishes assortment


Don't forget to leave room in your suitcase for any souvenirs you might pick up in New York! Picking up some gifts for your loved ones as mementos of your trip is a great way to show someone that you were thinking of them. If you don't have much to spend on souvenirs, an I LOVE NY t-shirt or fridge magnet is a simple and affordable gift found on every corner. 

US Darts Masters Player Interviews

Last year, our team had the amazing privilege of interviewing some of the US Darts Masters challengers, many of whom are returning to fight for the title again this year. Follow along below as our team meets the players in exclusive USA Darts interviews.

Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen US Darts Masters champion

2023 US Darts Masters Champion Michael van Gerwen will be returning to New York again this year to defend his crown. The 3x World Champion was also the very first US Darts Masters champion ever after winning the 2017 tournament held in Las Vegas.

Michael van Gerwen | Before the US Darts Masters

Will Stuart and Jen Mounts sit down with three-time PDC World Champion Michael van Gerwen before the 2022 US Darts Masters! 

Michael Van Gerwen | Meet the Player | US Darts Masters

In Michael van Gerwen's interview, after his first round win over Jake Macmillan at the US Darts Masters, our USA Darts team chats about sightseeing in New York, life on tour, and more.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith US Darts Masters champion

During the 2022 US Darts Masters event, Michael Smith triumphed over Michael van Gerwen in the final match, propelling Smith forward into his 2023 World Championship title. Many fans are curious to see how he'll perform, especially after his first round knockout last year by Jim Long.

Luke Humphries

After his World Dart Series debut last year, Luke Humphries returns this year for the 2024 US Darts Masters. The new World Champion is eager to continue his hot win streak in the darts world, and fans are excited to see how he'll perform at the US Darts Masters!

Luke Humphries | Meet the Player | US Darts Masters

Watch this exclusive USA Darts interview with Luke Humphries after his first round win over Alex Spellman at the US Darts Masters as Luke talks about his trip to New York, life on tour, and more.

Nathan Aspinall

In 2019, Target superstar Nathan Aspinall was celebrated as the US Darts Masters Champion in Las Vegas. He returns again this spring for a chance at the throne in the 2024 US Darts Masters.

Nathan Aspinall | Meet the Player | US Darts Masters

USA Darts meets with Nathan Aspinall after his first round win over Matt Campbell at the US Darts Masters for an exclusive Meet the Player interview where Nathan talks about his recent trip to the US, life on tour, and more.

Rob Cross

Making a comeback to the Big Apple is Rob Cross, former 2018 World Champion and Darts Masters Champion in New Zealand and New South Wales. The Voltage hopes to land his first US Darts Masters win this year against his fierce opponents.

Rob Cross | Meet the Player | US Darts Masters

Have a listen as USA Darts take a moment to chat with Rob Cross after his first round win over Jason Brandon at the US Darts Masters, touching on topics like Madison Square Garden and more.

Gerwyn Price

The legendary Iceman Gerwyn Price was the fan favorite pick for the 2023 US Darts Masters tournament and hopes to steal the spotlight once again. We're excited to see how he lives up to the hype of the US Darts Masters this year.

Gerwyn Price | Before the US Darts Masters

Will Stuart and Jen Mounts get a chance to talk North American darts with Gerwyn Price before he hits the stage at Madison Square Garden for the 2022 US Darts Masters!

Gerwyn Price | Meet the Player | US Darts Masters

In Gerwyn Price's Meet the Player, interview USA Darts chats with Gerwyn after his first round win over Jules Van Dongen at the US Darts Masters.

Peter Wright

The colorful Snakebite, Peter Wright, hopes to redeem himself at the 2024 US Darts Masters after getting knocked out of the first round last year by Jeff Smith. Fans are hoping to see more of him in New York as he battles once again for the Masters title.

Peter Wright | Before the US Darts Masters

Will Stuart and Jen Mounts get a chance to talk North American darts with 2x PDC World Champion Peter Wright before he hits the stage at Madison Square Garden for the 2022 US Darts Masters!

North American Championship

The North American Championship is a tournament organized by the PDC where all North American qualifiers for the US Darts Masters battle it out for a spot at the PDC World Darts Championship. This tournament, also taking place at The Theater, highlights the tenacity of North American darts players. Read along to learn more about the previous winners.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith North American Championship winner

Canadian darts ace Jeff Smith made history at the 2023 North American Championship after toppling fellow Canadian Matt Campbell in the finals. He then went on to the US Darts Masters, making it all the way to the finals where he lost against Michael van Gerwen. This year Jeff will be returning to MSG for another shot at the crown for redemption!

Check out USA Darts' exclusive interviews with Jeff Smith below at both the North American Championship and the US Darts Masters:

Jeff Smith | Meet the Player | North American Championship Winner

USA Darts interviews the newly crowned North American Championship winner Jeff Smith after his 6-5 victory over Matt Campbell. Have a listen as Jeff talks about his monumental day on the oche.

Jeff Smith | Meet the Player | US Darts Masters Runner-Up

In this USA Darts interview, our team speaks with Jeff "The Silencer" Smith after his amazing run at the US Darts Masters. Listen to Jeff speak about his eventful run to the finals.

Leonard Gates

Leonard Gates 2023 North American Championship

US Darts Masters challenger Leonard Gates won the 2022 North American Championship title against fellow American player Danny Baggish in a high-spirited finale. Check out USA Darts' exclusive clips of Leonard Gates at the North American Championship below:

Baggish v Gates | Final | 2022 North American Darts Championship

Relive the finals of the 2022 North American Championship where Leonard Gates wins against Danny Baggish and secures his spot in the 2023 World Darts Championship.

North American Player Focus

Matt Campbell and Jeff Smith with North American Championship trophies

Show your support for our fellow American darts sensations with our dedicated North American player page. Deck out your setup with their signature products and make sure to cheer them on at the US Darts Masters in May!

USA Darts on Youtube

USA Darts on Youtube marketing banner

Wanna watch more dart matches and interviews from previous US Darts Masters events? Watch all our live streams on our very own live streaming platform, USA Darts on Youtube, where we showcase America's best in our head-to-head matches and tournaments playlists.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our A-Z Travel Guide for the US Darts Masters! We hope you found this guide helpful in planning your trip and we encourage you to do your own research as well. Our team is thrilled to attend the US Darts Masters again this year and we can't wait to see you there too!

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