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Written by: Heather Cister


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It's Women's History Month and we're celebrating women in darts all year long here at A-Z Darts! There are so many women in darts that make our world go round that we want to highlight in this article. Read along as we highlight some of our own sponsored female dart players and showcase the best women's matches on USA Darts, our very own darts livestreaming production company.

Celebrating Women in Darts

In this video, Jen Mounts highlights Women in Darts with our featured special collection of women's signature darts products and clips from women's dart matches from USA Darts. Whether that be your favorite female bar owner, league organizer or player, they are an integral part of our community!

Support & Shop Women in Darts

We've dedicated a page to women in darts and their signature products for you to show your support for the ladies in our industry. (If you don’t see your favorite player on there, check with your local supplier.) Just click the image above or the button below to shop all Women in Darts.

A-Z Darts Sponsored Players

Our A-Z Darts Sponsorship program is home to many amazing women in darts and it is our mission to support these women's darting careers as they rise to the top. This Women's History Month, we want to highlight the sponsored women who uplift our sponsorship program

Cali West

Over her 10+ year-long darts career, Cali West has made a name for herself as one of the best women in darts across America. Introduced to the game by one of her family members, Cali quickly fell in love with the game and began competing in her local leagues and tournaments, owing much of her personal growth and success to her love for darts.

Through her impressive darts career, Cali has earned multiple National titles. She was ranked the No.1 ADO player from 2012-2015 and has more recently been crowned the 2023 ADO World Masters National Champion.

If you're looking to learn more about Cali West and her women in darts legacy, click the button below to read up on her full in-depth sponsored player profile.

Cali West at the Las Vegas Open holding a trophy smiling

Cali West Darts Merch

Featuring products from Colonial and Fit Flight, we're highlighting Cali West's unique darts equipment as part of our Women in Darts special collection. View all Cali West products we carry below:

Cali West Darts Matches

Cali West, a frequent participant in USA Darts livestreamed events and tournaments, has a knack for drawing viewers in with her sheer determination and talent. Let's take a look at a few memorable Cali West darts matches on the USA Darts channel:

Paula Murphy vs. Cali West | Womens WDF 501 Final

At the Witch City Open, Paula Murphy matches against Cali West in the women in darts WDF 501 finals. This $27,315 annual event is hosted by the Minute Man Dart League - the world's largest steel tip dart league organization! It is a WDF Silver ranked event and sanctioned by the ADO.

Cali West vs. Carolyn Mars | Womens Cricket Final

Fighting for the title at the Seacoast Open, Cali West and Carolyn Mars go head-to-head in the Finals of the Women's Singles Cricket. 

Cali West vs. Tanja Bencic | ADO 501 National Championship Quarter Final

Cali West and Tanja Bencic, both A-Z Darts sponsored female players, compete in the quarter finals of the ADO 501 National Championship at the Last Vegas Open. 

Cali West & Robin Curry vs. Kim Provencal & Andrea Taylor | Doubles Cricket Final

Teamed up with her wife, Cali West and Robin Curry face Kim Provencal and Andrea Taylor in the finals of the Doubles Cricket at the Witch City Open. 

Female Pro Dart Players

We can't forget to celebrate the female pro dart players that paved the way for women in darts! From Deta Hedman, the female darts pioneer, to superstar Fallon Sherrock, women are dominating the competitive scene of darts. Here are a few darts matches of pro female darts players livestreamed by USA Darts.

Deta Hedman vs. Fallon Sherrock | WDF Silver Final

Watch as USA Darts showcases Deta Hedman matched against Fallon Sherrock in the Finals of the WDF Silver Event at the 45th Annual Las Vegas Open. Support Deta Hedman's darts legacy by shopping her signature dart flight from L-Style below:

Fallon Sherrock vs. Deta Hedman | Cricket Semi Final

In the Semi Finals of the Singles Cricket at the 45th Annual Las Vegas Open, Fallon Sherrock faces opponent Deta Hedman. This was the very first time these two women in darts had played cricket versus each other. We also have a variety of Fallon Sherrock darts merch available on our website, check them out below:

Fallon Sherrock vs. Wendy Reinstadtler | WDF Gold Final

In this women in darts match, Fallon Sherrock goes up against Wendy Reinstadtler in the WDF Gold Event Finals at the 45th Annual Las Vegas Open.

Sandy Hudson vs. Fallon Sherrock | Singles Cricket Final

Sandy Hudson battles against Fallon Sherrock in the Finals of Singles Cricket at the 45th Annual Las Vegas Open.

Mikuru Suzuki vs. Lorraine Winstanley | WDF Virtual Cup

In this WDF Virtual Cup match, Mikuru Suzuki representing Japan takes on Lorraine Winstanley representing England. Featuring products from both Target and L-Style, Mikuru Suzuki's merch is available below for you to add to your women in darts collection:

More Women in Darts on USA Darts

In addition to the female pro players, USA Darts also highlights other women in darts all across North America in both soft tip and steel tip matches. Watch some of the best high quality soft tip matches from USA Darts below.

Lisa Yee vs. Cheyenne Richards | Womens CSI 4th Place

Lisa Yee and Cheyenne Richards battle it out in the 4th Place women in darts match of the Women's Cricket Singles Invitational event at the 2023 Tournament of Champions.

Krissi Grimal vs. Cheyenne Richards | Womens CSI Queen Seat

Krissi Grimal goes head-to-head with Cheyenne Richards in the CSI Queen Seat Match of the women in darts Tournament of Champions.

Krissi Grimal vs. Meradith Mcgee | Womens CSI Finals

In this fiery women in darts match, Krissi Grimal takes on Meradith Mcgee in the Finals of the Women's Cricket Singles Invitational event at the Tournament of Champions.

Paula Murphy vs. Olivia Terry | Womens Final

Paula Murphy and Olivia Terry compete in the women in darts Finals match of the Booyah Cup — an annual series of qualifying tournaments that result in a top 32 bracket hosted by Booyah Darts.

Olivia Terry vs. Liz Tynan | Womens 501 Finals

Olivia Terry takes on Liz Tynan in the Finals of Womens 501 at the Shark Tank Dart Tournament in Shawnee, Kansas.

Women in Darts on USA Darts

Eager to watch more videos and matches of women in darts? Find clips and full videos of female dart player matches on our very own live streaming company, USA Darts on Youtube, where we livestream some of the best female talent in the world. Just click the image above or the button below.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog inspired you to show women in darts some love and appreciation this Women's History Month! Don’t forget to thank your female bar owners, league organizers or the women who are employed by the manufacturers in darts.

A-Z Darts christmas 2023 employee photo

If you love our company, we’re always proud to share that we have a strong female leadership and perspective here. We’re led by a female CEO and general manager. We have women leading our online sales, wholesale and warehouse departments. Our creative director, Jen Mounts, creates the product reviews and skits that you all love in addition to overseeing A-Z Darts, Magic Wear and USA Darts. 

Women have always been a huge part of our story and success. Thank you as always for supporting us and the women in darts that make our community what it is today!

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