Pro Flights - L8 / Bullet White

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The Bullet has the smallest surface area out of any Champagne Flight, with only 655mm2 of surface area, compared to our second smallest, the Slim which has 825mm2 of surface area. This results in the least possible resistance during the throw. However, the flight was designed with stabilization in mind - players who have tested the Bullet attested that there is plenty of stabilization despite the low amount of resistance.

L-Style flights have a perfect 90 degree angle for an accurate throw. They weigh the same as a standard flight. The soft and flexible material can easily bend for adjusting. Easy Fit...compatible with nylon and poly shafts only. Longer durability and no lamination.

Champagne flights can be used with the Champagne Rings for a secure fit on any type of nylon or poly shaft.(Sold separately). When Champagne flights are used with the Champagne Rings and pushed onto the shaft, the Champagne Ring goes over the top of the Nylon or Poly shaft preventing hard deflections by another dart hitting the back of your shafts.

Champagne flights can ONLY be used with Nylon or poly shafts.

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