Condor Zero Stress Flight System - Standard White (M)

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Integrated Unibody Design
Simple 2 in 1 integrated design to provide a stress free setup. With no flight and shaft separation during play, players are allowed to fully concentrate on their game performance.

Unique Condor Cut
Shaft section features a unique 'CONDOR cut' design that reduces and keeps air resistance to a minimum. This design feature on the unique integrated flight and shaft system allows for an incredibly close grouping performance.

Amazing Flexi-Soft Design
Features a strong flexi-soft type material that eliminates the looseness around the barrel screw in section to provide a tight fit. Flight and shaft made with a unique soft design that provides a tight performance, low impact and greatly reduced deflections. The soft characteristics also allow for a smoother and easier grouping performance.

Increased Bull Accuracy by 4.76%
Based on professional players (including No.1 Japanese Darts Player Yuki Yamada) aiming at the bull using folding type flights and standard market shafts over a 100 throw process.

Durable and Long Lasting
Up to 3 weeks of long lasting use. Photo is based on professional playing staff thrown daily (over a 3 hour period) showing minimal damage to the flight part of the product. (Please note this may vary and is dependent on the individual).

Care and Use
  • Excessive force near the barrel to shaft screw in section may lead to unnecessary damage. Applying minimal force is more than sufficient to attach firmly to barrel.
  • For consistent performance and minimal adjustments, it is advised when removing darts from the dart boards to remove from the barrel part and not the shaft and flight section.
  • Due to the condor cut technology, air buoyancy is slightly increased and therefore it is advised to use a slightly lighter than usual throw.
  • Darts should be removed from the board by gripping the barrel, not the Condor Flights. This along with over tightening could cause the threads to fail prematurely. We recommended you use rubber O-rings with these to prevent over tightening.

  • Length - 27.5mm (Top of thread to base of flight)
    Condor Length - Medium

    All flights sold in a set of 3

    Key Features

    2ba (Most Common)

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    Customer Reviews

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    James Johnson
    Condor zero stress

    I had tried Condor Axe fight system and really liked them so on a whim I thought I might as well try the zero stress since they were less than half the price. At first I thought I wouldn’t like them but I was wrong! To begin with they are lighter so threw “quicker”. I didn’t get that typical lag you get from most molded flights. (Not Condor Axe). The thing that sold me is the lack of bounce outs. Even with the axe system, which I loved, I was getting bounce outs simply due to their rigidity. With the zero stress system the flights/shafts would simply bend out of the way and allow the darts to pass. You would have to throw them a few times and generally have a tight grouping to understand what I mean but they truly do reduce bounce outs.
    The price is comparable to typical molded flights but due to the flex they last much longer.
    Lighter so travel to board faster.
    Retain their shape so they fly true
    They reduce bounce outs.
    They last much much longer
    Well worth the price!!!