Byrne Dvd Volume 3 And 4 Trick Shots

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2 Volumes for the price of 1
Jump for joy Like Robert Byrne's first two DVD's, this video is designed to become a classic!

Robert Byrne's Trick Shots Vol.III
This addition to the popular series is a treasure trove of shots that depend more on knowledge than on extraordinary skill. You will learn what can be done by secretly applying moisture and chalk to the balls, by stretching the rules, by making the cue ball jump, by adding props like racks, coins, and paper tubes, and much, much more

Volume 3 Includes
  • Secret Substances
  • Great Escapes
  • Felonies

Robert Byrne's More Trick Shots Vol. 4
This follow up tricks DVD is packed with terrific shots, stunt and bits of business, some of them never seen before. The emphasis is on subtleties, cleverness and secret information. Here you'll find the inside stuff on classic clutters as well as a generous helping of great banks, jump shots, and novelty items.. All of which you can learn to do

Volume 4 Includes:
  • Classic Cluster
  • Railroad Shot
  • Triangle Shots
  • Taking it the to bank

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