Red Dragon Peter Wright Snakebite World Champion Tapered SE Steel Tip Darts - 23gm

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Barrel weight : 23gm
Full weight : 25gm

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Red Dragon Snakebite World Champion Tapered Special Edition darts allow for more feel and control over the trajectory of the dart, which results in a more controlled flight. The slimmer tapered front end also allows for tighter groupings. These stunning 90% tungsten darts are finished with a combination of both black and Rainbow PVD.

Red Dragon Snakebite World Champion Torpedo Special Edition darts are a combination of perfection and style! These stunning 90% tungsten darts are finished with a combination of both black and Rainbow PVD.

Peter Wright's emphatic maiden World Championship was inspired and driven by a prototype barrel design, featuring a modified Razor Edge grip profile, combined with a PVD dual coating. Pete has been searching for darting perfection for over a decade, so that he could bring the amazing game that he knows he has to the World Stage. This particular prototype was the result of weeks of trajectory analysis, dynamic testing and relentless fine tuning.

Delivered to Peter just days before his first game, Peter said, "When I got this dart and I felt it in my hand, I just knew it was absolutely perfect." After testing the darts for just a day, Peter was simply blown away with just how well he was hitting the big scores. Pinpoint accuracy on all doubles also allowed him unbelievable flexibility on critical high check outs. Peter said about the grip, "I kept having to pick them back up as they felt so unbelievably good. Nobody believed me when I said I would win the Worlds with this now they will have to."

Peter's World Championship 2020 Edition features the tournament winning modification to Red Dragon's trademark Razor Edge grip, with its unique lower profile and higher pitch. This subtle adjustment has provided Peter with the perfect grip, 6 years after his previous World Championship final appearance, where he also used Razor Edge profiling, thus completing what is undoubtedly one of the best fairy-tale stories in world darts.

Key Features

90% Tungsten
Black, Rainbow, Silver
Steel Fixed
2ba (Most Common)

Important Info

  • The dart you order should match with the barrel pictured. All other components of the dart (flights, shafts and tips) may vary in color, length, and material upon receipt.
  • The diameter measurement is the fattest part of the barrel. The length measurement is the barrel only and is rounded to the nearest 100th of a millimeter.
  • The barrel length and diameter are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
  • Darts with any type of coating are not guaranteed due to wear and tear. Some manufactures do warranty the barrels against fractures and breakage. However, coatings are NOT guaranteed (this includes titanium, graphics or any type of paint on the barrel) Also note that due to the nature of the PVD and Titanium Nitride coating process the final color can and will vary in hue and color distribution from dart to dart, this is especially noticeable in rainbow coatings Each dart in a set of 3 can be drastically different from each other and from what is pictured

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