Target Multi-Pointer

SKU: 15-119650 BIN: 11-E01-08

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The Target Multi-pointer has been finely redesigned to offer accurate and effective removal of your Target steel points whilst being more compact than its predecessor.

It uses a precise clamp system that eliminates point bending and breakages and features a laser-etched measurement guide for exact results.

Allen Wrench Included.

Release of liability: By using this point puller, you proceed at changing or altering your darts at your own risk. Darts, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to new or old dart points or barrels in the process. As well as we cannot be held responsible for any damage or wear and tear that may occur to the point puller tool.

Repointing or other modifications may void manufacturer's barrel warranty.

Key Features

Black, Silver

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