Target Play Slot Lock Rings Red

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Tiny rings with big POWER!
The Target Play Slot Lock rings are designed to lock the flight onto a NYLON shaft using its immense gripping power.
The ring squeezes the shaft petals, preventing flights from falling off!
We all know the pain of picking up flights off the floor after a throw at the Oche!
The aerodynamic contours of the Slot Lock Ring help to deflect dart points. This will help with tight grouping and accuracy.
In true Target style, the Play Slot Lock Rings have also been design to fit the Target L-Flight. This means they are an ideal replacement for the Target L-Flight, L-Ring! Perfect!
Feel the mighty power of the Play Slot Lock Ring - so easy and simple!
Must use the Flight punchto punch holes in flights when using these rings.
Sold in sets of 3

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