Trinidad Plain Wallet - Burgundy And Od Green

SKU: 14-6646 BIN: 07-G01-04

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This simple looking dart case is everything but simple! It can hold a great deal of dart accessories as well as 1 set of fully assembled darts. Elegant, Smooth looking vinyl material outside and soft material inside.

Inside you will find slots that hold 3 extra barrels and 6 extra tips. There is a snap pocket to hold shafts, coins, or other accessoies, 3 card pockets and a dollar bill holder. On the back is another card pocket and a place to put your cell phone.

Includes a Condor Box Yadokari ( Clear Black ) and a TRiNiDAD Original Carabiner

Dimensions: 3.27" W x 2.36" D x 6.3" H

Darts and accessories not included

Key Features

Faux Leather

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