Zan Billiard Cue Tip - Soft 14mm

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The Premium Soft tip is made from a precise section of the highest grade Japanese pig skin. Unlike other soft tips, ZAN creates a consistency by designating these specific parts of the leather for these tips giving the player repeatable and predictable performance. The tip receives a special treatment which causes the tip to maintain its shape, structure and performance longer than any other tip on the market.

Control - Zan Tips hold chalk exceptionally well, giving each player maximum control of cue ball direction and spin without miscuing.

Feel - Zan Tips give every playera great amount of feel. This allows a player to put the cue ball anywhere they desire on the table, eliminating the guesswork of finesse or power shots.

Elasticity - Zan Tips are highly elastic due to the use of laminated hog and pig leather, which allows them to maintain their level of hardness and shape.

Durability - Zan Tips are made with the finest leathers which are resistant to mushrooming, peeling, delamination, and humidity.

Sound - Zan Tips are handmade and each layer is specially laminated, which creates a comfortable and positive sound when you strike the cue ball.

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