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Darts League Sponsorship Program by

What is the A-ZDarts League Partner Program?

This League Program is a sponsorship offer for qualifying darts leagues throughout the United States. It is not an exclusive sponsorship and will not cost leagues anything to join. We believe in an approach that builds stronger leagues by working directly with organizers of soft-tip and steel-tip dart leagues to increase their player participation.

Read more about the inspiration behind our league program in our blog post: A-ZDarts League Program


League Perks are the rewards league operators receive for being in the program.

Sponsorship: We will provide gift certificates to to be offered to your league players based on the Sponsorship Tier you are in. Distribution of the total value of gift certificates is left up to you! Split the value however you see fit amongst division winners or perhaps raffle them off.
    Discounted Darts Supplies: We offer our League Partners special pricing (from various brands) on league specific needs like dartboards, lighting systems, surrounds and toelines.
      Custom Flights: Cosmo Darts/Fit Flight and Lstyle have partnered with A-ZDarts to offer custom Fit Flights or Lstyle flights at a discounted price for our league partners! We at A-ZDarts will help you design your very own custom flight with your league logo branded on them and handle the custom ordering for you. Below is an example of some previous designs. Custom League Fit Flight and Lstyle Flights
      Custom Apparel: We can offer league partners exclusive pricing on custom apparel through our clothing company Magic Wear Sports Apparel. Offer your league players affordable jerseys to show off their team spirit and represent your organization!

      Promotion: We want to help league organizers grow their online presence and social channels. We’ll cross promote select content onto our own social media where we have worked for over 10 years to grow an online following of over 30,000 darting enthusiasts.


        To be eligible, league organizers need to be focused on growing their leagues and enhancing the league experience for their players. We believe having an informative website, active social media presence, and broadcasting league finals greatly help to consistently grow overtime. The following are minimum requirements and meeting them does not guarantee admission into our program.

        • - Minimum 100+ total league participants.
        • - Must have a website dedicated to sharing information about the league. A Facebook group/page is not an acceptable substitute for a website.
        • - Must display a banner on the league website that directs players to our website for the duration of our partnership. The more your players shop with us, the more we can potentially give back to your league! Keep in mind you may also promote your local darts supplier. This is NOT an exclusive sponsorship. This program is intended to grow the sport of darts - period.


        Eligibility 100+ league participants 200+ league participants 300+ league participants
        Gift Certificate Value Per League Season $200 $400 $600
        Discount on Select Darts Supplies *League pricelist sent upon acceptance *League pricelist sent upon acceptance *League pricelist sent upon acceptance
        Discount on Custom Apparel *League pricelist sent upon acceptance *League pricelist sent upon acceptance *League pricelist sent upon acceptance

        *Note: If you do not currently have a league website, we recommend creating one with a free information website builder like