07/22/2020 With Covid surging across the country, we are again, seeing more packages delayed in transit.  Some packages land at a location and sit for a few days before we see it move again.  This is affecting Fed Ex, UPS and especially the USPS.  We are asking that you practice a bit of patience when it comes to delivery of your packages.  We will continue to process your orders as fast as we can, but once it leaves our hands-we do not have control over how the carrier handles the package or the delays that are encountered while moving through their system.   Fed Ex and UPS canceled their guarantee deliveries-for both ground and express in March.  This cancellation is still ongoing, meaning NO service-Fed Ex, UPS or the US Mail offers a guarantee.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

05/22/2020  Announcing the re-opening of our retail store.  If you are coming into the store, please bring and wear a face covering.  We are limited to a total of 6 shoppers at one time.  If our front gate is closed when you arrive, it means we are at capacity.  We will pull the gate open again, once some shoppers have left.  Our regular retail hours have resumed M – F 10 to 5 and Sat, Sun 11 to 5pm.

04/23/2020 We are experiencing an uncommon amount of delays in package delivery. This is contributed to the shortages in transportation-planes and trucks. Packages are arriving at a location and then sitting for anywhere from 1 to 3 or 4 days. Please be patient with the courier services. While we will continue to ship same day or next business day, the courier services are doing the best they can during this time. Note: there are NO guarantees on delivery times during this Covid 19 time.

03/25/2020  UPS announcement: 
UPS announced they are suspending their money-back guarantee for all Express, Ground and Freight services effective immediately until further notice.

03/23/2020 Fed Ex Announcement:
The impact of COVID-19 is causing local, state, and national governments around the world to issue work and travel restrictions on a daily basis which are impacting our ability to meet our high standards of service. As a result, we have made the decision to suspend our money-back guarantee for all FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight and FedEx Office services effective immediately until further notice. Because FedEx is an essential transportation service provider, we will continue operating as government restrictions and regulations allow. Signature Suspension Notification To help promote the safety of our employees and customers, FedEx’s Signature guidelines are being temporarily adjusted for all shipments within the United States, with the exception of Adult Signature Required (ASR) shipments. In efforts to minimize physical interactions, customers may be asked to verify recipient name in lieu of a physical signature. FedEx is still collecting recipient information; therefore, surcharges for these services will continue to be assessed. For shipments with the adult signature service option selected, couriers will still request a physical signature and require a government issued photo ID.

Due to the California State Health Mandate, we have closed our retail store until April 7th.  We will continue to accept orders via www.a-zdarts.com.  Fed Ex, UPS and USPS have assured us that pick ups and deliveries will proceed into the future.  So we intend to process and ship orders on a daily basis (excluding Sat and Sun).

Some points to consider during this time:

  1.    Pick up times may be earlier due to a smaller amount of pick ups on Fed Ex, UPS and USPS routes.  How does this affect us?  We may be getting picked up earlier in the day.  Orders coming in mid afternoon (which would normally go same day), may not be picked up until the next day. 

2.    We have cut our working staff in order to observe the safe social distancing as laid out by the CDC.  We will do all we can to process and ship orders in our usual timely manner. 

3.    We are still answering phones.  However, we have limited staff and we may not be able to take your call right away.  Please consider calling if you have an urgent matter and e-mailing kelly@magicdartsinc.com with other concerns or issues.  If we do not answer, please leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

4.    Incoming stock shipments:  We still have stock coming in from vendors.  We will process as quick as humanly possible to restock our warehouse.  Again, due to staff cuts, this may take a bit longer. 

5.    We are learning that delivery locations have closed due to lockdowns in various parts of the US.  Please double check the information you provide on your order to ensure we are sending to a valid and open-for-delivery-location.  We don’t want to see any packages held in limbo or returned to us because the delivery location was closed.

6.    In-store pick ups:  Not many customers pick-up their orders in-store, we are still offering this option.  Please submit your order on-line and we will prepare it for a pick up.  Contact us to arrange an appointment for pick up at the front door. 

Granboards: The Coronavirus delayed the production of the Granboard 3's by a month. We have just learned the materials used in the making of the board were also affected and have delayed the board even more. We are now expecting the board to arrive the middle of June.

Nexus boards: We have a shipment coming into the country and expect to take delivery by March 30th.

Corona Lights: This production was also delayed by the Coronavirus. We are expecting stock by mid May.