Unicorn UltraFly Code DNA Dart Flights - AR Type 2

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Unicorn UltraFly Code DNA metallic polyester dart flights are durable & visually striking. Utilizing cutting edge materials and manufacturing processes, Unicorn created their most visually stunning and durable flight ever. UltraFly flights give you exceptional accuracy when you are going for the winning double.

AR2 = More speed through the air
Unicorn is delighted to introduce a brand-new era in Flight Shape Technology thanks to the innovative Aspect Ratio (AR) flight design. AR is the latest darting innovation for the UNIBOFFIN following extensive research into dart flight aerodynamics. The wide front profile increases stability when the dart is in flight and the tapered rear area reduces drag to increase speed. Unlike conventional flights, the AR's corners have been purposely designed with large sweeping curves to reduce the possibility of incoming dart collisions and encourage tighter groupings. To round off the innovative design of the AR flight, a new nose profile has been engineered for quicker and easier flight loading a welcome feature for all dart players.

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