1 Tiger Icebreaker Billiard Cue Tip - Super Hard 14.25mm

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Tiger Products challenged itself in creating a jump/break cue tip that makes it easier for the user to execute close - quarters aerial jump shots and execute an iceberg shattering break shot. All of this without sacrificing accurate cue ball control and avoiding the dreaded miscue. Following three years of tireless research and development, we at Tiger Products have created the definitive jump/break cue tip of the future! This hybrid cue tip utilizes an ultra hard laminated leather core, with *leather contact surface, allowing for greater chalk adhesion and the phenolic jacket restricts cue tip expansion upon impact. So, all the power you put in to your stroke transfers immediately and accurately to the cue ball without cause for miscue. The result is: increased break shot speeds and "light as feather" jump shots! Manufactured with the VACULAM process, this copyrighted Tiger technology has produced an incredibly powerful tip!
Icebreaker Cue Tips, power beyond imagination!

  • BCAPL Approved!
  • Hardness: Super Hard+ (7)
  • Tiger Durometer (Type A): 99
  • Mueller Durometer (Type B/C): 96-98
  • Tip Diameter: 14.25 mm only

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