Fit Flight Pro Dart Flights - V-1 White

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Fit Flight Pro introduces all new shapes
Fit Flight Pro consists of 3 basic types, TYPE-S, TYPE-D, and TYPE-V. Each type has 6 sizes for a total number of 18 models. With the wide range of shapes and sizes, dart players can fine tune their setup to perfectly match their throw.

3D Designed - Flexible and Sturdy
Introducing a new grid-like framework and overall durability improvements by three different thicknesses. The thickest portion runs along the edge. The added thickness around the sides and at the shaft socket strengthens the flight and will decrease tears along its length. By combining a medium thickness with the thinnest portion of the flight, it creates the inner lattice work. This combination works to disperse external pressure. This decentralization of the external pressure has an effect not only on durability but also on shape retention, which will greatly extend the usable life of the flight.

Increasing the dimensional accuracy of the shaft socket reduces clatter on throws.

No Friction
The shaft insertion point is extended all the way to the end of the flight. This removes the mid-flight hump and will further decrease deflections and help increase grouping percentage.

Push on fit

Uses Fit Flight signature push on System. Will only work with Fit Flight shafts.

Sold in a set of 3

Product Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Weight (g)
Area (mm2)
S-1 42.6 24.0 .53 380
S-2 42.6
27.0 .58 427
S-3 42.6
30.0 .63 471
S-4 42.6
33.0 .68 510
S-5 42.6
36.0 .72 544
S-6 42.6
39.0 .76 575
D-1 42.6
24.0 .52 369
D-2 42.6
27.0 .58 409
D-3 42.6
30.0 .63 454
D-4 42.6
33.0 .68 503
D-5 42.6
36.0 .73 554
D-6 42.6
39.0 .79 608
V-1 42.6
24.0 .48 323
V-2 42.6
27.0 .51 360
V-3 42.6
30.0 .55 397
V-4 42.6
33.0 .58 432
V-5 42.6
36.0 .63 469
V-6 42.6
39.0 .68 506

Key Features


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Customer Reviews

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John Schnupp
Long lasting flights

The Fit Flight Pro flights are some of the longest lasting flights I have used. I started with the Fit Flight standard flight but they were getting destroyed within a few weeks. I tried the Fit Flight Air thinking the thinner flight might last longer but it did not help. With the Fit Flight Pro the thicker rounded edges are less likely to slice in another flight. I am probably using 75% less flight due to damage than before. I realize that flights are probably the cheapest part of the whole dart setup but not having to worry about changing out flights all the time is one less thing to worry about. I just bought several different shapes and sizes to do some tuning on my newest set of darts.

Craig McMullen
Best stabilization I’ve ever had!!

I throw a relatively light weight electronic dart. 17 gram total weight with shaft and tip. Anyhow for years I’ve had trouble with my dart stabilizing. The back of my dart always flew higher than the tip. I decided to give these a try and I’ve never had darts fly flatter or straighter in my life. It definitely improved my stats.