GLD Main Street Classics 5-In-1 Octagon Game Set

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Take your favorite games of yesteryear on the go in one convenient package with the Mainstreet Classics 5-in-1 Octagon Combo Set! This comprehensive package is a self-contained carrying case for all the pieces that come included. The Octagon contains five of your favorite classic board games in one place: chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes and poker dice games. This all-in-one combo starts with the sharp black and red leatherette covering that surrounds the entire exterior. It's a sleek design that will look great alongside the rest of your collection. The top serves as the playing surface for chess and checkers on one side, with backgammon on the reverse. Underneath that is the open storage space to hold all of the other loose pieces when not in use.

  • Stylish 13" Octagonal leatherette storage case with reversible top, felt-lined interior and divided storage
  • Full set of chess pieces
  • Chips for checkers and backgammon
  • 2 Sets of dice
  • Doubling cube
  • 28 Piece set of double-six dominoes
  • 5 Piece set of poker dice
  • 2 Leatherette dice cups
  • 3 Cloth storage bags
  • Playing instructions for each game

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