Q Claw - Blue 3 Cue

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Keep your cues safe and out of the way on league night with a Q Claw Cue Holder. You'll never have to lean your valuable cue up against the wall and watch as it crashes to the floor again. Made to rest on top of any table, its compact plastic unique weighted design will hold your cues. Simply place the Q Claw on top of the table with the cue grooves hanging over the edge, and lean your cue back into the notches. The cue notches are deep enough to protect your cues against falling due to table bumping, while leaving them easy to grab when your turn is up. Plus, the compact size allows these holders to fit in the pocket of most cue cases, so you'll always have one when you need it. Unique weighted design. Holds 3 cues.

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Q Claw

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