8 Flight Ayaka Maesawa Dart Flights - No 6 Shape

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8 Flight Ayaka dart flights are very coloful, featuring an adorable 1-eyed robot sitting on 1 of numerous gears with vines entanlged inside and around them. The robot is holding a purple flower in his right hand. Ayaka Maezawa's original flight is meant to expresse the co-existence of machines and life. Plants have the meaning of will and growth, while gears have the meaning of connection and edge.

Made in the heart of Japan, 8 Flight is a ground-breaking solution in moulded flight systems. Each flight is created with a perfect 90-degree angle which ensures flight performance consistency. The durable Japanese material features re-enforced edges to enhance flight performance and durability. Each flight is partnered with 8 Flight's industry changing thread shaft system ensuring an unbreakable bond between your flight and shaft - meaning no flight drop outs during play. The unique 2-piece system also allows for interchangeable shaft capabilities, letting you to mix up your shaft and flight system without needing a new flight.

Will only work with 8 flight shafts

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